In these general conditions of business the following meanings shall apply to each party and an article of, Wellinfo Computer Trading LLC License number 747820 to be known as "Wellinfo", "We", "Us", "Our". The customer is referred to as "Customer", "You", "Your". The customer includes the person, their employees or agents seeking repair services or to purchase goods from Wellinfo. The services carried out by Wellinfo for the Customer shall be referred to as "Services", "Repairs", "Sales" The devices, laptops, accessories, parts or any products bought or sold by WellInfo shall be referred to as "Products", "Goods","Devices", "Computer" or as "Device/Computer". The contract taken between Wellinfo and the Customer will make up the following terms and conditions known as the "Agreement".

The statutory rights of consumers are not affected by these terms and conditions. All Service orders are accepted by WellInfo under these general terms and conditions.

  • The Agreement will commence when Wellinfo receives authorization from the Customer to undertake repair services set out in the quotation.
  • The Service can only be cancelled in writing from Customer. The customer accepts financial liability for any loss of profit, damages, costs and expenses WellInfo incurs as a result of accepting cancellation.
  • WellInfo reserves the right to charge a handling fee and fault analysis fee in the event of quotation being cancelled or not accepted once Device/computer is in possession of Wellinfo.
  • The Service shall be carried out with professional care and diligence. Wellinfo does not accept responsibility for loss of any user generated data saved on Your Computer/Device. If WellInfo is not requested by customer to backup data on Computer/Device, it is responsibility of Customer to ensure a copy of Data is saved.User Generated Data includes files in hard drive, telephone numbers, pictures, songs stored on a portable media player and files stored in a USB memory stick.
  • Wellinfo aims to have all jobs diagnosed and/or repaired within 48 hours. In cases where special parts are required for approval, Wellinfo will contact the Customer. If your Repair is urgent, WellInfo reserves the right to charge a high priority fee.
  • Payments must be made in full before item is returned to the Customer. If Customer fails to pay for the Services, Wellinfo will hold the Computer/Device for sixty (60) days. If no payment received with the said timeframe, the Computer/Device becomes the property of Wellinfo. Wellinfo reserves the right to charge 3AED for credit card payments. All payments are non-refundable. WellInfo reserves the right to change and amend quotation price due to increase in costs associated with parts, handling or additional problems discovered on further inspection that were not possible to diagnose on initial inspection or verbal quotation before inspecting item. The Customer will be informed of any changes to quotation before recommencement of Service.
  • The customer agrees that incidental marking, scratchesetc could result from disassembly of your Computer/Device, the Customer agrees that some damage may occur during Repair. The Customer also agrees that Wellinfo is limited in liability to the replacement of lost and damaged items only. No claim for loss of Customers data, profits and time will be accepted.
  • Wellinfo accepts no responsibility for delays or failures to meet obligations in a timely manner for circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Wellinfo. Including but not limited to unavailability of parts/components required by Wellinfo to perform Service. Wellinfo reserves the right to refrain from providing service if the Service is deemed beyond the capabilities of Wellinfo or if the Service is discovered to be illegal.
  • WellInfo safeguards and adheres to privacy laws under the jurisdiction of the UAE. We recommend the removal of any confidential information from your Computer /Device prior to the Service. If not possible, please be aware that we will not disclose to anyone your private information. Wellinfo may collect your contact details for marketing purposes but Wellinfo does not give contact details to others.
  • WellInfo overs 3 month service warranty on Repairs performed. Any additional service warranty will be optional and incur a fee. Warranty will only be for Service that WellInfo performed on same Computer/Device. New parts will have manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty does not cover damaged incurred to Device/Computer by Customer due misuse including but not limited to water damage and impact damage. Goods presented for Repair may be replaced, under Customers authorization, by refurbished goods of same type rather being repaired. No warranty will be offered on refurbished parts.
  • Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Wellinfo, its owners, employees and third parties and each of them(collectively known as "the indemnities") from and against any and all claims, losses, damage, demands, actions, security interests, judgments, costs, and expenses including cost of defense thereof, incurred by any of the indemnities caused by or arising from the negligence, gross negligence, or intentional misconduct of the Customer.
  • The Service terms shall be governed by in accordance with the laws of Dubai, UAE. WellInfo and the Customer agree that any cause of action arising out of or related to the Service must commence within (1) year after cause of action arose otherwise such a cause of action is invalid.The Service terms shall be governed by in accordance with the laws of Dubai, UAE. WellInfo and the Customer agree that any cause of action arising out of or related to the Service must commence within (1) year after cause of action arose otherwise such a cause of action is invalid.

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