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Wellinfo was founded in 2015 by partners Shameer Shami and Muhammad Amir and has quickly grown to be one of the most trusted computer repair shops in Dubai. Computer repair in Dubai is mostly focused on high unit turnover with little emphasis on customer service. Wellinfo is bucking the trend, " we are happy when the customer is happy," says Shameer, "we want to be a strong brand locally and the best way to achieve that is through customer loyalty."




Local Computer Repair Dubai

Our computers are important to us. They have all our important files, contacts, emails, passwords and photos. Our computers in this technical era are our lives. When our computers breakdown and require repairs we want to be sure that we leave our computer in the hands of people we trust. Typically in Dubai, we would take our computers to areas with many competing shops and haggle for best price, we would then leave our computers with them and hope for the best. Trust is a important issue when it comes to having your computer repaired, you feel like you are putting your life into someone elses hands.

In memory of the days, when neighbourhood businesses served the local community, Wellinfo is striving to become your local computer repair shop in Dubai. Shameer explains, " Our customers are mostly business and residents in Oud Metha area and they always return to us becuase of trust" 


Is This the Future of Computer Repair in Dubai? 

Wellinfo likes to think so. They are a small startup that definately has a vision. I must say, its a vision that makes sense. Why would you trust just anybody with all your important data?

"We know how people feel when they need computer repair in Dubai, they are worried they will lose everything and they want it fixed quickly and inexpensively," Shameer adds "That's our service commitment, we strive to build trust amongst our customers." 


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