Future Trends For Devices!
BLOGS / Jan 10, 2017 01:32 am

First of all let's look at what's happening today. If your device needs repairs, battery power always getting lower or you need an improvement on a feature, most people discard the used device and buy the latest and greatest new model. This is a expensive way to have your mobile phone or tablet fixed. Now, lets look at the future trends for devices.

Let's take a car analogy, if your car needs repairs because the engine is not running smoothly, we take our car to the service center and it gets serviced and parts replaced. In the future, we will just service our devices and parts will be replaced. This means we can upgrade features of our device when we want.

For example, Your IPhone needs a new camera, we don't need a whole new device when the new camera can be installed into our current phone or tablet. Just swap the parts in and out of the device.


The devices will be manufactured in a way that makes this standard practice. Just like we have been servicing and repairing laptops and computers for sometime now, we replace different parts like RAM, CPU, boards etc. The best thing about this says Shameer from Wellinfo, "You can customize your phone to your different needs, being less costly and more effective".

Another exciting development is turning phones into watches and tablets into phones. Think "Transformers". Your phone is flexible and can easily go from a handheld to being wrapped around your wrist and back again. Likewise, a tablet can be folded into a phone size device, making it more user friendly for messaging and calls.

The future of devices is full of possibilities that are exciting to think about. However these ideas are still prototypes and still on the drawingboard. In the meantime, don't throw your old device away. You can always find cost effective ways to have the latest gadget. At Wellinfo, we repair, buy and sell used phones, tablets and Laptops to keep you moving into the future.

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Apr 18, 2017 13:33 pm
iPhone has a new camera, we don't need a whole new device because the new camera can be installed into our current phone or tablet. Just swap the parts in and out of the device.
Oct 05, 2017 14:39 pm
I am so glad to run across this site. I have a tablet that has issues and I thought the best thing to do was run out and purchase a new one. I would love to have the latest and greatest but my pocketbook shows that I should try to save some money. Saving money on our many devices seems to make sense. Most everyone I know today has several devices that they carry with them, that would be lots of money to replace those everytime one broke. Might be a great market for repair techs in the near future. Now back to my tablet, I cannot get the battery to come up from 0% even though it remains plugged in. I have cleaned out the charger port but still nothing. Would it be the battery that most likely is bad? Would that cost less than replacing the unit? After all, it is only 1 year old. Thanks for the great information and I will check back to see how things are changing in our world today concerning our many devices.
Wellinfo Dubai
Oct 07, 2017 07:00 am
Thanks Paveen. Thanks for your comment. Thats right. We can help you do that. Contact us and we will get your camera swapped for you. We can beat any price in the market so let us know and we can do a good deal for you. Hi Bruno, Thanks for your comment. Don't waste money on a new computer. We can replace your battery at market price. Call us on above number and ask Shameer. Your request has been passed on. Thanks for your Comments .
Oct 19, 2017 19:19 pm
Great information! I have many devices. Normally, when one stops working, I cringe because I think I need to buy a new one. If I can just get it repaired, it will save me a lot of money in the long run. Good to know I can find a repair place and just buy the parts and labor.
Wellinfo Dubai
Oct 20, 2017 11:14 am
Thanks for your comment Sharath. You are welcome to visit our shop anytime.
Oct 24, 2017 19:28 pm
This is great! In all honesty, when my phone or tablet are having issues I am looking for a new when and in those cases a cheap replacement, wouldn't be my first choice but when those things happened unexpectedly you don't really have the funds to buy an exact replica. Even if you do, there is always a new model with new features that you can't afford. It is very difficult to find places that repair small things. Well, I don't have to look further, I found the place here.
Wellinfo Dubai
Oct 24, 2017 21:36 pm
Thanks Andira. You're welcome to visit our shop anytime :)

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