Best Smartphone Dubai
BLOGS / Oct 07, 2017 13:34 pm

Did you know that 90% of the worlds poplulation has a smartphone?

It's a device that's become part of our modern live's.

Today, Wellinfo looks at the best smartphones in Dubai and some fun smartphone facts.

Most Used Smart Phone Dubai

Xiami is the third most used smart phone in Dubai. It's a Chinese company that was founded in 2010 and has climbed to be one of the biggest mobile phone companies in the world. Xiami offers quality phones at an affordable price. Over the years Xiami has become a very popular phone in Dubai due to its price and great functions.

Apple has launched a total of 10 iPhones since 2007 with it's exclusive iOS system. Apple iPhone is the second best selling smartphone in Dubai and has just under 30% of the world's smart phone market. 

Samsung has the majority in Dubai. The world's most popular android phone has over 30% of the world's smartphone market and the majority of smart phone use in Dubai.

Wellinfo nominates Samsung Galaxy S8 as the best smartphone in Dubai.

If you don't agree then let us know, get vocal in the comments section below.

Smartphone News Dubai

Last month police issued a warning over fake devices being sold for as little as DH700 online. It's important to avoid such scams as these fakes are susceptable to catching fire as they are made of plastic. The logo's are also different and so is the operating system. It is illegal to sell fake goods in the UAE.

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